About us

Bondi isn’t the snooty, stuck-up glamour town
most outsiders think it is. They come here on a public holiday
weekend and see Campbell Parade and Hall Street dripping
muscle-bound meatheads and bitchy hot chicks, arrogant rich
wankers and awkward-looking hipsters in silly clothes.

But that’s not the town we live in. We live in a village where
everyone knows each other’s names. We know the old people
and the crazies and the kids at the skate park and their mums.
We know the surfers and the tradies, the baristas and the
yummy mummies, the drug dealers and the lawyers and the
detectives from the police station. 

Life In The Bubble is an insight into that other Bondi, the one
the outsiders don’t see, a documentation of its hard work and
individuality, and an outlet for its creativity.
Welcome home.