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We live in a different suburb

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Dean Tirkot stumbles out of a doorway with crumbs in his beard, smelling of pale ale,

eyes glistening with the childlike fascination of an overevolved ape, camera dangling from his neck. 

He growls like an injured grizzly, lurches up to a passing dollybird who pauses, mystified, and allows him to shoot a couple of frames. Then he lurches on.

Dean's photographs are a raw, intimate and funny insight into real Bondi life. In them he exposes the posers and meatheads, the hotties and the hipsters, robbing them of their facades without vindictiveness or negativity, and in that light they become fallible, and truly beautiful at last. We live in a different suburb to the one they say we live in, and Deano’s work is proof. 


Words: Wil Gritten

Photography: Dean Tirkot


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