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on halfpipes and skateparks

Friday, 3 February 2012

Josh is a self-confessed collector: “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. These days the only things I buy first hand are shoes and food.”
When asked which op shops have the best gems, Josh smirks with a look of contempt, there’s no way he's going to reveal his secrets. 

Walking into the halfpipe flat, situated on the first floor above a skate shop, is a bit like walking into a museum. It's a visual feast of creativity that Josh has built up over the last six years. Soon after he'd moved in he was told the building would eventually be knocked down for redevelopment, so he was given the creative license to modify the rental. No wall has been left bare, adorned with graffiti, advertising posters and illustrations drawn with a Sharpie directly onto plaster.

Two years after moving in, Josh acquired the largest bedroom and decided to build himself a half-pipe. A professional rollerblader turned carpenter, he spent nearly fifteen years on halfpipes and skateparks all around the world and vowed to have one of his own. The bedroom isn't enormous but Josh utilized every inch of space.

A row of car seats is suspended on chains from the ceiling as a viewing platform for skater groupies.

His bed sits on top of the ramp when it's not in use. He's even installed metal bars along one wall to house his bike collection that double up as clothes horses. It's definitely an apartment that's built for fun and many parties have been thrown here. Josh also regularly DJ’s a reggae set at Bondi Beach Burrito.

Words & Styling: Stephanie Powell

Photography: Andy Cowen



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