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voyeurism, melancholia, distance and loss

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

We love Paul Barbera. We always have. But when he kindly took the time on his last visit to Sydney to add a Bondi edition to his ‘Love Lost’ series, we loved him even more.

Born in Melbourne, now based in NYC, Paul shoots editorial, commercial and project-based work for top-notch clients between Australia, The States and Europe. Poor bugger…

Love Lost is a continuous narrative that he works on as he travels. A study of the female form, love and sexuality, but also of the haunting memories attached to past relationships, places and objects.

Paul’s work deals with intimacy, privacy and voyeurism, melancholia, distance and loss. His recent solo exhibition ‘Happy together’ was an extension of those themes.

In his words:

"...I want to study the desire of an ex lover. The memory of what was. Returning to an old situation, an ex-lover is comfortable and familiar, and the experience is loaded with memories. Objects and smell invoke the past, the good, the bad, the times you argued, and the time it was intimate and sexy.

‘Love Lost’ is that moment when you think of your past relationship in an erotic way and you let the memory consume you.

Guilt. Pleasure. Relief.”

We look forward to seeing the series published. In the meantime, we’re flicking through his book ‘Where they create’, a documentation of creative environments, and dreaming of the loves we’ve lost along the way.


Photography: Paul Barbera

Words: Marsha Meredith




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