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Yoda from bondi

Friday, 10 February 2012


Just Kiddin "Return To Tropicana" (B-Stee & Archi bootleg)
Thought I'd start off with something brand new - this is a relatively new style of dance music called Moombahton - it's kind of a mix of house, latin, reggae ton and hip-hop, and I've been playing a lot of it recently. This track is definitely suitable for the hot weather here in Bondi

Alvin "Red" Tyler "Peanut Vendor"
Heard this used on Breaking Bad, then had to research it, find it and start playing it immediately. New Orleans music from the 60s…

Action Bronson "Time For Some"
I think hip-hop from 2000- 2010 got pretty bad - and I'm really happy that it's getting good again now. Action Bronson is one my favourite new MCs - he's a chef from New York. And this track features one of M.O.P

Aaron Neville "Hercules"
Amazing old soul with a ridiculous bass-line that's been sampled by loads of hip-hop, including Young MC, who I met down in Melbourne last week!

JME "96 Fuckries"
This is what London sounds like - grime MCs over dubstep beats - amazing YouTube video too if you can be bothered to look it up. 

Emynd "Sail Away Theme"
This is Enya's "Orinoco Flow" with club beats over it. What more could you possibly ask for in life?

DJ Yoda 




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