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I wake with the sea

Thursday, 29 March 2012

A poem by Adam Gibson

Quietly I felt you moving beneath the covers.

I could taste the salt from the ocean

From the night before.

The sand found its way everywhere,

Between my fingers my toes,

Our sheets.


In the dark we were ships colliding continually

But when the day beaconed

We stood sentinel and aloof like lighthouses.


One too many I guess,

We did live with the

Sound of the ocean

Beneath our bedroom window.


We were caught in the difficulty

Between passion and habit

And we swung alternatively between the two.


Our glasses of red wine are on the table.

I can smell cheese and chocolate.

Another lipstick hangover.


But I wake with the sea,

And my hair

Goes really curly

When it dries

Without being brushed.


Poetry: Adam Gibson

Photography: Jeremy Hudson


Adam Gibson is Bondi born and bred. His poems aim to articulate the sense of "home" and history that he feels from growing up on Bondi streets. 'Bondi Poems' is his third book of poetry. He is also lyricist and vocalist in the Arial Maps.


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