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building community through gardening

Monday, 16 April 2012

Transition Bondi is a community group passionate about environmental sustainability, and who also like to have fun & eat well. Lance and Elvis started Transition Bondi in 2009 with the aim of  building community in the Bondi area and beyond, through environmentally sustainable activities including community gardening, growing, cooking and then eating what they produce, and running educational evenings.   

The Transition Towns movement was born in Totnes, England in the late 90’s, out of a permaculture design course taught by Rob Hopkins. Transition was developed as a community based response to the future challenges of climate change and peak oil. It is currently a global movement, building resilient, sustainable, vibrant, and happy communities.

Transition Bondi has several awesome projects, including A community permaculture garden at the front and back of 241 Bondi Rd, where they meet every staurday 10am-12pm to 'build community through gardening'reintroducing the culture of producing our own food sustainably and ethically, which ensures our local food security.

“The fun stuff we do includes making compost, worm-farming, and expanding our plans for food production in the streets.” 

One notable project of Transition Bondi is turning waste from local shops and cafes into compost.

Every Wednesday, a local yummy organic dinner prepared and shared together, with a guest speaker, workshop, or a relevant documentary.

This happens at the cafe in Chapel-by-the-Sea, 95 Roscoe St Bondi Beach. 

Meal prep starts at 6pm, the meal and activity go from 7 till 9pm (you can come at any time that suits you). Films shown include: End of the Line, Dirt- the Movie, Seed Saving, Permaculture, Gasland, Vanishing of the Bees, Climate Change is our Most Urgent Challenge. 

 They also arrange Organic food distribution through Food Connect, a co-op that offers affordable ethical produce.  Fruit/Veg Boxes can be pre-ordered from an be collected at the Wednesday night event.

Other Transition Bondi projects in the near future include re-skilling workshops about their new Aquaponics system and a native bee-hive. These are being partly funded by Waverley Council.

The group has attracted a core group who keep the projects on track and the network connected and expanding. The garden itself is a team effort (not individual allotments) and invites people with different skills and perspectives to join. 

They hope to attract people of all ages, not only for the pleasure of meeting others from different generations, but because they will all bring different perspectives and interests. 

Those who are no longer in the workforce (or retired) will have much to offer by way of organisational and practical skills. Grandparents who are concerned about the world they are leaving their young ones may find this group gives them the chance to act positively for the future.  Skills developed in previous generations during war-time and hardship are finding a special place in sustainability networks that value ‘going local’ and ‘growing your own.’

Being in a community anywhere requires people to take on multiple roles. Transition Bondi are committed to building up the foundation for their projects to grow on: they have a roster of waste-gatherers and waterers.  Not only do they do the practical tasks, but they take care with their group dynamics and energy levels.

Transition Bondi





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