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Wednesday, 4 July 2012


It’s fair to say that 2026-ers are a little bit in love with their suburb. So much so that we rarely leave. Ever. Unless it’s an emergency.

Don’t get me wrong - I’ve toyed with the idea of venturing out of 2026 - it’s an interesting concept. But in all seriousness – why on earth would we want to? Even for an hour or two?

And let’s get one thing straight – it’s not laziness that keeps us here. We just don’t ever ‘need’ to leave.

They say people are motivated by negative consequences not positive ones. We tend to get our shit together not to run towards something, but to run away from something.

Though, when it comes to the bubble, there’s really nothing to run away from.

And so we stay.

Local Bondi DJ legends Nick Law and Ricky ‘Tricky’ Cooper have noticed our unconditional love for our suburb. And made it even easier for us to stay put during the bitter winter months.

Their creative vision is to bring likeminded people together locally, to enjoy an afternoon and evening of good tunes.

I caught up with the boys to understand the inspiration behind their new party Disktrict.

Nick: “The inspiration!? Where do I start? Without wanting to sound too wanky I think the inspiration for me comes from decades of listening to, dancing to and playing music that I love, and sharing that with the people that I love.

Music has been the one constant thing in my life that continually gives me so much joy and I can’t seem to shake the urge to share and express that in the form of a good party!”


 "As we get a little older we all still enjoy a good get together and ‘knees up’ with friends whilst listening to quality music...

but often don't want to go to a club environment for the fix. So we felt there was a need for an event for likeminded people who could do just that, where the essence of the night is about quality. From music, venue, sound, lighting, decor, cheap drinks but with all your friends in your local Disktrict.”

It was Playground Weekender festival that brought Nick & Ricky together, where they bonded over their set at the Club Tropicana pool last year.

Nick: “We had sooooo much fun that day, it really took us back to some of our early Djing experiences when everything just seemed to ‘feel right’. You really can’t beat that feeling of partying, laughing and dancing together with a group of friends and people that dig what you’re doing and that afternoon around the pool really was special.”

When it comes to defining ‘good music’ these boys have an open-minded attitude.

Nick: “I suppose the term ‘good music’ is very subjective but that’s what I hope we’ll deliver. Nothing too cheesy and nothing pretentious, just straight up quality music from soul, disco, funk, house, deep/tech house through to some old house classics. Quality dance beats, DANCE being the important part! The other DJs who are playing at DIsktrict are friends that we know well and who have the same, fun, open minded attitude when it comes to ‘getting their party on’. The last time we heard Danny La Ru (Danny Bass and Rupert Pay) play together they absolutely tore the roof off the Beach Rd Hotel at the Playground Beach ender event. They have a chemistry together that simply produces an amazing time for anyone lucky enough to be on a dance-floor for one of their sets which is infused with a broad eclectic mix of funky ass tunes guaranteed to rock the floor.”

To give something back to the local area that has inspired them so much, Ricky & Nick will be donating all party profits to a local charitable cause.

Ricky: ”Yeah all proceeds from the event will go to Royal Randwick Children’s Hospital. It’s great to give a little back and I thought with a launch of a new event called Disktrict, why not help your local district? I think it’s a great way to start.

It’s something I’ve been doing for a few years now where I throw a party on my birthday and the proceeds go to charity.”

For me, the idea of warming my winter bones with an afternoon of dancing and laughing really appeals. Could it have something to do with the fact that it’s within cosy walking distance of the bubble? Perhaps. Or maybe I like the idea of supporting a good cause by means of dancing?

If you’re keen to get your winter groove on without venturing too far out of the bubble, you can get DISKTRICT tickets for $20 from Moshtix


When: 4pm – midnight, Sat 7 July

Where: Eastern Suburbs Rugby Club, 22 O’Sullivan Road, Rose Bay

Join the Disktrict community on Facebook


Words: Zoe Simple Life Strategies

Photographer: Karl Page


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