• Credits:
    • Directed by: Ang Lee    |
    • Produced by: Ang Lee, Gil Netter, David Womark    |
    • Screenplay by: David Magee
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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

With the world-wide phenomenon of Yann Martel's novel "Life of Pi" comes Anj Lee's visually stunning celluloid interpretation.

The film delivers on several fronts.

Irrfan Khan, who plays the adult Pi Patel, provides a wonderful anchor point to the film. Khan's warm, honest and heartfelt delivery creates the perfect foundation for Suraj Sharma, who plays the young Pi Patel, to deliver a vibrantly youthful performance set to the backdrop of this truly mind altering fable.    

The visual and aural wonderment of the film can not be understated and viewing it in 3D only enhances the film.

From the rich and complex CGI to the perfectly crafted cinematography and emotive sound track leaves little doubt that "Life of Pi" will secure numerous nods when the awards season swings round in 2013.    

It could be argued that screen writer David Magee struggled slightly to end the film as it dragged a little, however this small flaw does not pull the film down overall.  

There are also critics pointing out the links to numerous religious doctrines but if this cynicism can be left at the door then the viewer will be open to enjoy a truly enchanting film.

4/5 Bondi Flags

Review: Francis Coady - Festival Director (Bondi Short Film Festival)


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